can you dance to my beat-

David Drummer’s journey into drumming began at 12, blossoming into a passion that propelled him to unconventional heights. In 2012, he boldly merged his rhythmic prowess with DJ sets, reshaping the trajectory of his career.

Specializing in EDM, house, and high-energy beats, David’s performances transcend norms. His unique mastery of musical innovation sets him apart in the industry. Drawing from a rock background, David infuses raw energy into his performances, seamlessly adapting his style for an immersive experience that resonates across genres.

For David, it’s not just about beats; it’s about creating unforgettable spectacles. His one-of-a-kind performances shine through not only in his music but also visually, with unique drumming techniques and customized setups, ensuring each show is a sonic and visual masterpiece.

Audiences at David’s shows range from ecstatic energy enthusiasts to mesmerized souls entranced by his beats. His mantra is clear: it’s not about being better, but different. In a saturated field of talent, he stands out as a unique force, leaving an indelible mark on every stage.

Beyond solo success, David founded 7th Creations, an entertainment hub offering diverse performances from musicians to fire performers. David’s vision extends to themed shows and cutting-edge LED performances, keeping his company at the forefront of entertainment innovation. In live entertainment, David Drummer doesn’t just set the beat; he crafts symphonies that captivate, energize, and leave a lasting impression.

Here’s some of what i can do