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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
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This year something sweet took place. My partners LUTN  and I became the official LED robots for the Miami Heat! We started this journey during the 2016 playoffs and wow it was a blast to perform at the stadium.

We would warm things up right before the doors opened. We started hyping the fans even before walking inside!.

Once we have done that we then went off tot he Xfinity East Plaza to do a show right before the game introductions began. At this point people are already excited and ready for a fun game.

The next show is during Half Time at the Xfinity East Plaza and here the crowd is already pumped!!! people are ready to have some fun. Each game something different happened. This particular time we had people going with Dj R Silva and then suddenly the Miami Heat Street Band jumped on stage with me and we Killed it!  We jammed out together and well it was a lot of fun.

The last show is during the Jump Around segment of the game which takes place after the 3rd quarter right before the 4th quarter stars. This is my personal favorite because for this show we’re inside the stadium camouflaged with the crowd. The ration on people’s faces once they saw us in the stadium was priceless!


Enjoy The Video

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