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Friday Night October 9th

My day began when i opened my eyes at 12ish pm. I know i wake  up late but i always deserve it. I had a BBQ with my LED Robot Family LUTN ( Light Up The Night). After this very tasty and fun BBQ where we tried to DJ i went home to relax and get ready for my night.

The most beautiful view of Miami is nowhere else than at FIFTY, Like it’s name this venue is on the 50th floor of the Viceroy Hotel and Spa in Brickell! If you’ve never been i strongly advice you to go. My friends DAG Productions host an amazing party every Friday night so expect great music, beautiful people and the View of course.

I got my drums ready so i could perform and let me tell you i could barely focus. So many beautiful women everywhere. JESUS! how am i supposed to concentrate with these girls, it’s impossible! but i did my best.

After doing what i do best which if you don’t know by now that’s to beat on drums. I packed up and some way some how ended up at my favorite spot ever! E11EVEN. For those of you who don’t know what this place is. It’s the place where time seems to not exist. You get there and when you least expected you walk outside and it’s day light. For real I’m not kidding, that’s how much fun this venue is. I always end up there because it’s like my second home. Did i mention is a Nightclub/Strip club that opens 24/7 ? Yup they are geniuses!

Anyway so surprisingly i didn’t stay too late cause i was tired and have a long day coming so i left by 5am which is the earliest I’ve ever left.

As you can see my Friday was eventful and i did not rage. Sometimes i just have to take it easy lol.

Good night!


PS. Keep in mind  that I’m not a writer, So don’t hold my horrible grammar and punctuation against me. Thank you lol

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